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Black Plastic for a Remington Model 788

This post describes the bedding of a Remington Model 788 action in a polymer stock. Nature Quiz:  What do geese and people have in common?  Answer:  They both like to sun themselves next to the water, as these Canada honkers were … Continue reading

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More On the Remington Model 788 .44 Magnum

This post describes shooting results with factory loads and handloads for the Remington Model 788 .44 Magnum. My post of September 18, 2012 gave a cursory description of the Remington Model 788 in .44 Remington Magnum.  The passage of time … Continue reading

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A Remington Model 788 .44 Magnum

An average male ruby-throated hummingbird weighs just a bit more than the bullet of a .22 rimfire magnum. These little hummers have been buzzing around ATOTT headquarters, tanking up on juice at the feeder and getting fattened up for their … Continue reading

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