A Krag Klock

Christmas is coming – no way to stop it.  Maybe a craft project would make a good present for someone in your clan.  The picture shows a clock I made a while back using scrap walnut, a clock movement insert, and a couple of cartridge cases and bullets.  The cases are two thirties (.30-40 Krag, what else?) with 180-gr round-nosed bullets.  The clock insert is 3-1/4”.  Google “clock insert” and you will find plenty of places to buy one.  It will set you back $10-15.

I cut the walnut to the size I wanted and put the edges on with a router.  I cut the hole for the clock insert with a scroll saw.  Getting a good, round hole this way is tough for a duffer like me, so I touched it up with a sanding drum in an electric drill.   Then I gave everything the usual sanding for a smooth finish.  I attached the clock board and cartridges with screws through the base.  Several light coats of polyurethane spray varnish were applied to the wood and cartridges.  Then the clock movement went in – it is simply a friction fit.  I thought it came out pretty well but you could do a lot more to fancy it up – maybe some wood carving if you are into that.

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